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Water Intrusion Testing & Investigation

Fenestration Testing Laboratory
(FTL) is the one of the country's premier third party water intrusion testing agencies that provides services nationwide. Services are performed on the products and systems that make up a building's envelope for air infiltration and water penetration. What makes FTL unique from many of our competitors that offer similar services is that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and demonstrate that by maintaining valid accreditations as a test laboratory by the industry's three major governing bodies: AAMA, IAS, and WDMA.  In addition, we are also an ISO/IEC Approved 17025 test facility that is recognized worldwide. The experience, knowledge and insight our team here at FTL brings to the table is at the top of the industry.

We conduct testing on both new construction projects for quality control and assurance purposes (ASTM E1105, AAMA 501.2, AAMA 502, and AAMA 503) as well as on existing structures that have problematic water leaks and need a Forensic Investigation 
to be conducted to determine the source of the water intrusion issues; many times the source of water intrusion is not a window or door as many people tend to believe, but the surrounding construction such as the wall, roof, and/or the decking system.

As an independent third party test agency we remain unbiased and neutral throughout the testing process. We are brought in to provide test results that detail whether or not the products and systems installed on a project were installed according to accepted trade practices, and also to determine whether or not the products and systems are able to pass both air and water intrusion tests as outlined in AAMA test standards and ASTM test methods. 

Our ASTM E-1105 Spray Rack Systems are performance calibrated and traceable to our fully accredited test lab.  These spray racks are designed and built to simulate a predetermined rainfall event while we conduct our tests and investigations.  We approach every job systematically and walk through the process, step-by-step, with all parties involved so there is no confusion as to what is going to be tested, and how the testing will be conducted. Our goal is to deliver these test results with accuracy, precision, and in a cost effective manner to our clients.

Commercial & Residential Water Leak Detection

Wall Leak InvestigationIf you are experiencing water leaks in your home or building around your windows, doors, storefronts, decks, or walls, and need assistance in locating where the the leak is originating from, then you've come to the right place. 

In addition, our test consultants can help you determine if your products are defective and/or installed incorrectly. When we first arrive on site our test teams take a condition survey of the test area and then proceed to conduct a series of product and isolation tests to find out exactly where the leak is coming from. 

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