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If you are a manufacturer involved in the construction industry as it pertains to windows, doors, and wall systems, then we can provide you with a wide variety of R&D testing services to help you determine the performance results of your products.  Whatever your desired results may be, we have the expertise,  resources, and experience to help you reach your goals. 

Other Parties: 

If you are an architectural firm, general contracting/engineering company, law firm, or an independent party and need to reproduce the performance of a fenestration system (i.e.-duplicate an event or scenario), then we can build full mock-ups of your system and determine what is or isn't working with the design of the system.  For all other types of Research and Development projects please feel free to give us a call and explain what you are looking for and we'll let you know if we can be of assistance.

Infrared Camera Leak Detection CoursePast Projects Include:

1.)  Testing the adhesion performance of construction sealants on different raw materials and as exposed to regional temperatures/conditions.  Materials include: aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl.

2.)  Study of the expansion and contraction of windows when subjected to extreme temperatures (hot and cold). 

3.)  Testing the water resistance of experimental flashing systems (full mock up below ).Window Flashing Performance Research  

4.)  Testing the actual performance and quality of an individual's installation on fenestration products and systems. 
5.)  Testing for air, water, and structural wind loads on custom made fenestration products (i.e.-mulled windows that were manufactured per client's request. 

6.)  Experimental re-creation of condensation problems with window and door products.

7.) Infrared camera training course. Trainees learned to identify window and wall water intrusion through the use of infrared technology. (See Above).

Thermal Expansion & Contraction Testing of Vinyl Windows on Stucco Wall Systems



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